Portfolio photo session for kids models

To the Parents and the kids who really wish to become a top kids model.

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Easy, vibrant, eye-catching
portfolio photo for kids modeling at reasonable price.

This photo session is dedicated to those who set a goal to become a top children’s model.

People often said « Send any picture of your kids to modeling agencies. we don’t necessary need a nice picture as they are constantly growing »

Is that true?

In a sense, I agree. I used to think that’s how it works.

But the picture has to capture recruiters’s eye in a second, and it has to show the possibility and potentiality of your kids at a maximum level. And of course, they have to sucessufully pass a casting test.

That’s why, I am offering this high quality photo-session.

4 reasons to do with me

1) Have a wealth of experience working in kids-modelling and kids fashion

2)High-quality images at a reasonable price

3)I will consult your children’s unique selling point beforehand and customise a shooting

4)Share(post) the pictures on instagram

Offer (2 kind of photos shooting in 30-40min)

1:Natural face portrait(face) and full length on white backdrop.

This picture is a must and is most usuful.

2:Creative image.

Before setting a date for photo-shooting, we discuss what is the best styling, atmosphere and mood for your kids. This service is included in the fee. I will creat a second session according to the discussion and if necessary, we can change back drop’s colour, accessories, and lighting.


155€ Wednesday afternoon

170€ Week-End

What you get

3 best images(retrouched) and the rest of the images(non retouched)


I will send a download link about a week later.