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Newborn Photography Session

I am an experienced portrait photographer. I am really passionate about children’s photography.
In the Newborn Photography Session, I would love to help you capture your child’s most precious moment and beautiful expression when they are baby!




Where: Your home

What you get: 7-10 retouched images and up to 30 non retouched pictures.

Special gifts

: 3 mini photo-folio (Keep one for you and send to grandparetns)

: 1 minute video about behind scene of your photo session

: Lovely French make-up pouch for mum !

Price: £290










Un grand merci pour les photos de famille que tu as faites!! Elles sont vraiment superbes!! Nous allons en encadrer certaines pour nous et mes parents … sans oublier les cartes de vœux! J’espère que l’on pourra refaire une séance au printemps. (F.D)




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