My workflow

  Questions for my workflow

  • Where does a shoot happen? Is it in a studio?

If you prefer studio, I have to hire a studio for shooting. (London SE16)

If you prefer outside, your familiar place, that is also possible.


  • How can I apply for a photoshoot service?

Please contact me to my mobile (077-6616-1063) or by email (

I can send you an estimate cost(The price of LinkedIn offer is fixed) and a concent form. If you agree the terms and conditions, sign the form to enact a contract.


  • How can I pay for the service?

First  please pay 30 percent of the estimate cost to my bank account as a deposit.

Once the shoot is completed, the rest of the fee should be paid in a week.


  • What will happen if I need to cancel the event?

If you notice me longer than 1 month in advance to the fixed date, no charge will be incurred.

Cancelation fee will be incurred as the following conditions:

If the notice is made:

7-14 days prior to the shooting date            50% of total estimate

6-3 days                                                             70% of total estimate

2-0 day(s)                                                          100% of total estimate.


  • What if am I late for the shoot time?

Initially, if customer do not appear at any time later than 40 minutes from the booking time,

this booking will be cancelled. Unless otherwise, the duration time will be adjusted according to

the next booking schedule.


  • What sort of outfit should I choose ?

The outfit for kids can be discussed with Photographer in advance. For Linkedin head shot, please choose appropriate outfit for your occupation. I usually have a consulting what image you are looking for by e-mail or skype in advance. 


  • After the shoot, how can I get the image?

In a week, customer is subjected to receive a viewer file that contains 2 or 3  images. Please choose two images among these alternatives. The retouched final work will be downloaded by the link that I’ll send later on.


  • What if I do not like the outcome?

You have have two options: rebook a shoot or request the refund 100%.